Gillette Adjustable Razor Rarity Guide

Razor Model Qty that Exist Today
Chrome Toggle (Gold)2
Red Dot Fatboy (F-4)<5
Serial Toggle (Nickel)<5
Bottom Dial 5 Position (Black Dial)<10
Bottom Dial 5 Position (Nickel Dial)<20
Serial Toggle (Gold)<50
Chrome Toggle (Nickel)<400
Bottom Dial 9 Position<1000
Red Dot Fatboy (D-1)<2000
Standard Toggle (D-1)<25,000*
Standard Toggle (F-4)<50,000*
Executive Fatboy<100,000*
Super Adjustable (Gold)<100,000*
Aristocrat Slim<300,000*
Super Adjustable (Black Bottom Plate)<1,000,000*

So, I thought I would create a guide with an indication of how rare each Gillette Adjustable razor type is today. The quantity numbers associated with each model type are a gut feel on my part based on various information I have gleaned over the years. The types of information include discussions with other collectors and in a large part the frequency with which each model type comes up for availability on eBay. If there are a bunch for sale every day, there must be a lot of them. If they only come up for sale once every 6 months then not so much. The model types with an asterisk after the quantity indicates I could be crazy wrong. These numbers have a “less than” symbol which says yes it is true (as well as I can guess) but maybe not so close or accurate. The numbers with an asterisk could be off by up to 4 or 5 times. That is, for example, the number of actual Slims that exist could indeed range from < 100,000 to < 500,000. Sorry I cannot be more accurate. P&Gs historian has provided the following photograph. It provides a snapshot of production numbers for maybe 1959. Valuable information. Look closely at the photo’s label tags. Thanks to P&G!