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Here is the link to an invaluable resource to all types of Gillette Safety Razors.

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Connect with razor enthusiasts for all things related to shaving and the lifestyle of a gentleman (or lady) shaver. Get all your questions answered by helpful hobbyists fast!!

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Chris "CAP" Smith - Grand Master Razor Mechanic. If he can't fix it, no one can! Seriously, do you need to have a razor repaired? Then, email "CAP" by clicking on the photo below.

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Chris Evatt - Restoration and replating razors to like-new condition or close to it using a proprietary stripping agent that preserves details others wheel buff or grind away!

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ISDN*tek - A free online tool to look at old eBay listings by Item Number. eBay may have deleted the photos but all the text of the listings may still be there. Use this link to look up old ended eBay listings. Note: In the Significant Recent Sales section for any particular razor type the eBay Item Number is provided when available. So, you can use that item number to find out more about any particular past razor sale listed here!

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