Important Employees

Gillette employees from the Adjustable era who were instrumental to these iconic razors.

Gillette Company Timeline

A Gillette company history timeline from 1891 to 1977.

AutoStrop Merger

Read about the Gillette/AutoStrop merger. It's a dramatic story!

Some Important Videos

How to and Instructional Videos are here!

Razor Blade Evolution

Not only was Gillette perfecting the razor during this time period, but they were perfecting the double edge razor blade too!

Gillette Adjustable Razor Blade Gap Table

How do the various adjustable razors shave?

One Size Fits All - The Master Plan!

Gillette endeavored to create just one razor to meet any individual's needs.

Rarity Guide

For your amusement, I created a rarity guide which provides my guess as to how rare is each Gillette Adjustable razor type.

Gillette Shaving Creams

Lets not forget Gillette shaving creams during this era. They had teams working on perfecting shaving creams too.

Should You Play The Big Lottery?

Power Ball? Mega Millions? A few random thoughts on whether or not you should play the big lotteries.