Fatboy Family
Fatboy Family
Executive Fatboy
Red Dot Fatboy
Fatboy (Standard)

Here are the Fatboy razors! The Fatboy razors are wildly popular. The standard type is readily available and can be had for less than $200 in mint condition. They are also fairly easy to still find in the wild. These found ones can be wonderful bargains if you don't mind a little clean up.

In the Fatboy Family picture to the left, there are the three (3) types of Fatboys. All three types have 1-9 Position top located adjustment dials. The leftmost razor pictured is the Executive Fatboy. It is very similar to it's cousin the Standard Fatboy, pictured on the far right. The main separating characteristic of the Executive is that it is plated from the factory in gold. The next difference is its Twist-To-Open knob; which has unique horizontal and vertical knurling, unlike the other two types which have cross hatched knurling. The middle pictured razor is the nickel plated Red Dot Fatboy. It is called that because the blade position indicator is a round indent that has been inlaid with red paint - it looks like a red dot. The position indicator on both the Executive and the Standard Fatboys are springs that have the dual purpose of indicating position and also providing resistance and click feedback to the user as the dial is turned to each position.The next difference is the "toothy grin" of the Red Dot Fatboy. This is because the base plate is different on the Red Dot; the entire plate raises or lowers, unlike the other two types of Fatboys. The razor pictured on the right is the Standard Fatboy. It is nickel plated and lightly shorter than the Red Dot Fatboy. The Standard Fatboy can have a red indicator spring. This causes some confusion but look closely; the cut out for the indicator is not a round indent - it is a rectangle that houses a long red spring that for the most part is unseen. So look for the circle or the rectangle; don't just look for the red color.

Please note there were slight manufacturing changes that were made to the Standard Fatboy. The changes are so minor that, in my opinion, they do not cause them to be classified as different types or sub-types of Fatboys. Below is an example of a slight change to the Standard Fatboy in it's collar design